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The Countryman is the Biggest Mini You'll Get

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Because bigger isn't always better.

Over the past few years, we've witnessed the Mini brand grow, and not just in the sheer number of models. Today's third-generation Mini Cooper is quite a bit larger than the first-gen reborn model, itself significantly bigger than the iconic original. There's also the Clubman and Countryman for those who want that Mini look, but need more space. As this lineup increases in size, some have been wondering whether there'll one day be a Mini larger than the Countryman.

Rest assured, that's not in the plan. According to Mini's chief designer, the automaker "won't build anything bigger than the Countryman, not at this moment. You should be able to park a Mini in a city, so a Countryman or this new Clubman is as big as it should be." The new Clubman has also grown in size and is now a direct competitor to the likes of the VW Golf, and no longer the Polo. So, nothing bigger than a Countryman? Great, but what we really want is a production-spec Rocketman. Time for Mini to return to its roots.

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