The Crazy Savage Rivale Roadyacht Will Be Given A New Lease Of Life

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But Savage Rivale won't be building it.

Despite the big plans and ambitious schemes surrounding it, the Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS never really seemed to take off in any substantial way. Bar appearances in a handful of recent racing games, the quirky four-door, four-seater convertible from the Netherlands has otherwise fallen into niche car obscurity. Surprisingly, though, Savage Rivale has confirmed the vehicle will indeed have a sustained future - though admitting it won't play as large a part in those proceedings.

In a bid to properly concentrate on the design studio side of the business (which we assume has kept the Roadyacht project afloat for all this time), Savage Rivale will no longer be developing the unorthodox cabriolet. Instead, a new engineering partner in the form of GLM - a Japanese company that specialises in electrical products - will take over those responsibilities from Savage Rivale. With an EV specialist on board, it's perhaps no surprise to be informed that the plans for the Roadyacht GTS will be to ditch the current car's 6.2-liter V8 in favor of an all-electric powertrain that, in theory, should better suit the Roadyacht's orientation as a potent cruiser.

Better still, we should be seeing the fruits of this new partnership sooner rather than later. Savage Rivale has confirmed that not only will this all-electric Roadyacht be showcased at the upcoming Paris Motor Show (albeit re-branded with the far more concise name of 'GLM G4'), but the future models that are being proposed as part of this arrangement will also be detailed during the event. Whether this endeavour will legitimately jump start the project or merely prolong its slow demise is anyone's guess at the moment, though it'll be interesting to see just what Savage Rivale and GLM have in store for this future range of all-electric vehicles.

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