The Creative Workshop's Mercury Sun Valley: Luck with the Bubble Plexiglass

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The Creative Workshop presents: the Mercury Sun Valley with a plexiglass bubble roof.

The Mercury Sun Valley is a two-door, four seat machine typical of the 1950s in its shape and size. The luggage compartment lid is longer than the hood; it has a transparent plexiglass roof over the front area and the two wide doors enable comfortable access to the rear seats. It took almost six years to restore the car because of the customer's delicate financial situation. "That car in our world wasn't that difficult," says The Creative Workship owner Jason Wenig. "In other words, it was in typical restoration shape.

It had some rust; it had some previous work done. We had some parts sourcing issues but nothing outside of the ordinary. The most difficult thing was the fact that it was a bubble top. A clear plexiglass top made the car extremely rare." "Even that turned out relatively straight-forward because it just happened that an individual in Canada had done a limited edition run for bubble tops there. So normally that would have been the killer that can take us six months to find the press that forms, to send the original, to get the mold, to get the box. But someone had made it and it fit perfectly. It looks wonderful and original. No horrible challenges that we had to overcome."

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