The Czechs Were Brilliant and Insane Carmakers

Perhaps one of the best examples of that is the Tatra T87.

Just prior to the horrors of World War II, the Czech auto industry was really on its way. Even immediately after the war, the country’s engineers and industrialists were still innovating and thinking outside the box. From 1936 until 1950, however, a Czech automaker called Tatra built the 87, and later the T87. It was unlike anything else of its era and remains special today. Thanks to its unique bodywork, notably the sloping rear design, it had a drag coefficient of 0.36. This concept was later applied to aircraft.

A collector of unusual things, Paul Greenstein is also the owner and restorer of this 1941 Tatra T87. He turned it from a rust bucket into a black teardrop attention grabber, even on the streets of Hollywood.

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