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The Dark Knight Rises with a Juke Nismo

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Enter a competition to win Nissan’s one-off Batman-inspired Juke Nismo, built to mark launch of "The Dark Knight Rises" on DVD.

Getting into bed with the Batman franchise is a surefire way to raise a product's profile. Following Kia's Batman-inspired Optima, Nissan has partnered with Warner Bros in creating "The Dark Knight Rises" edition Juke Nismo to showcase the car that will hit showrooms in January and to promote the release of the Batman trilogy's final chapter on DVD. The base of the one-off machine is a stock Juke Nismo, powered by a 200-hp 1.6-liter turbo mated to a six-speed manual, and wearing the Nismo bodykit.

It also features an uprated suspension, enhanced interior, and a host of Batman-inspired details. The matte black paint is reminiscent of the Batman's Tumbler, while chrome bat-badges feature on the front grille and tailgate and a shark fin antenna replaces the stock aerial. Completing the unique exterior are gloss-black 18-inch alloys with bespoke red detailing that matches the pinstripe on the bumpers and sills. Inside, Bat logos adorn the kickplates, the headrests have been embossed with reflective Bat badges, while spotlights under the mirrors project the Bat signal onto the pavement next to the car, much like Ford developed for the Mustang.

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Another pin-light projects the same image onto the black headlining of the one-off Juke Nismo, which won't be put up for sale or auctioned off to the highest bidder. Instead, Nissan is giving it away via a special competition, which can be entered online after taking a quick Thrill Test.