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The Datsun 240Z Remains as Cool as Ever

And this one shoots flames.

It was the cult classic Japanese sports car that was considered the 911 of Japan when it debuted. In fact, many still hold the Datsun 240Z in this regard. You see, the 240Z was a pure sports car in every way that was developed during a time when America was obsessed with muscle cars. The original Z car was different from many of its competitors for several reasons. For starters, it was very reliable, faster than a 911 and handled better than a BMW 2002.

The owner of this classic Z car has performed a number of upgrades in order to keep it alive, but he’s also fully aware of its importance in the world of both cars and the Japanese auto industry at large. The 240Z is without a doubt one of the coolest sports cars ever made anywhere in the world.

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