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The Datsun 510 Is Rarer And More Memorable Than A GT-R, Here's Why

This enthusiast has owned over 230 510s.

Nissan may be known for the GT-R and commuter vehicles, but back inthe 60s there was a time when it produced tiny, lightweight vehicles that werejust fun to drive. Troy Ermish has agreat appreciation for the Datsun 510 and has come to own more then 230 ofthem. Ermish started racing 510s in the late 80s and went on to supply fellowenthusiasts with parts, as well as all-out racecars. He’s worked on some prettyfamous Datsuns, which include Bob Sharp’s, Rob Dyson’s and the most successfulSCAA national car, too.

Ermish also owns an extremely rare Nissan Bluebird SSSwith a 1.6 engine that is his daily driver. Watch Ermish’s story and let it take you to a time when Nissan made a car that wasn’tnecessarily good but could do a little bit of everything.

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