The Days Of Tesla Dominance Are Coming To An End

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At least if the Mustang Mach-E has anything to say about it

While Tesla enjoys the view from the top of the EV industry, other brands are scrambling to claw back some market share, and from the look of things, the California based company is in for quite the shock. Cars such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E have not only become easier to buy but are surprisingly cheap too. Newcomers such as the Volkswagen ID.4 have already seen major sales success, with first editions already sold out. The question now is how many Tesla owners will be switching to the new kids on the block? A few internet polls might hold the answer.

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The Mach-E club forum recently posted a poll asking future Mach-E owners if they would be trading in their Teslas for the new Ford EV. The two poll choices were 'Yes, Ford is the future', and 'No, I drive something else'. The poll has been live for two days, and there are still three days left to cast your vote. So far 100 people have responded, and the results show that a surprisingly significant 32 percent of respondents will be swapping out their Teslas for the new Ford Mach-E, while 68 percent won't be making the move from the Palo Alto-based EV maker.

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If these figures are even a vague indication of sales going forward, it's clear that the Ford Mustang Mach-E will make a noticeable dent in Tesla sales. But what about the Volkswagen ID.4, which is set to do battle against the Tesla Model Y? Members of the VW ID Talk forum also posted its own poll, asking members what cars they drive. The poll was posted a month ago, and so far 61 members have responded. Of those 61, only two responded indicated that they drive a Tesla, supporting VW's assertion that it will not be a direct Tesla rival. Volkswagen does not enjoy nearly as much popularity in the US as Ford does, so this result does not come as surprise, but one thing's for certain; Tesla's days of market-leading glory are coming under increasing threat.

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Source Credits: VW ID Talk

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