The DC Auto Show Is An Enthusiast’s Worst Nightmare

Don’t even bother going.

Why do people go to auto shows? I think it all boils down towhat type of enthusiast you are. Automotive enthusiasts that love the smell ofburning rubber and gasoline visit auto shows to see the latest technology, newhigh-performance cars and breathtaking concepts that will inspire the nextgeneration of cars. However, the majority of auto show visitorsaren’t diehard enthusiasts but regular joes that want to see what the differencebetween the newest Honda Civic and Toyota Camry is. And that’s the problem.

This may not have been the greatest year for the Detroit AutoShow, but automakers displayed some amazing vehicles. Lexus had the gorgeousLC500 Coupe on display, Acura revealed the Precision Concept, the VLF Force 1stunned the world and Buick actually made a cool car in the Avista. Therewere many more concepts and amazing cars on display not mentioned here, but the point is all of the cars gave enthusiastssomething to think about, something to look forward to. That wasn’t the casewith the DC Auto Show. Forget about the Volvo S90, the Infiniti Q60, or eventhe Acura NSX. None of the gorgeous concepts, supercars, or sports cars from the Detroit Auto Show wereat the DC Auto Show.

The best cars at the auto show were the Audi R8 V10Plus, BMW M2, Ford Focus RS, Ford Raptor, McLaren 570S and Lexus LFA. The R8and Ford Focus RS were locked, but I was able to get into the M2 and Raptor. It’s not a promising show when an affordable sports car anda hatchback draw an enthusiast’s eye. Some of you may be asking: Well Ferraris,Porsches and Lamborghinis must have been on display, right? Wrong. The Ferraris that were on display were old, like Ferrari F430 old. Lamborghini and Porsche weren’t even there. McLaren, however, was represented by a gorgeous example of its 570S, but it was blocked off for a very simple reason: The supercar was for sale.

Ferraris and McLarens were on display because a dealershipwas trying to sell them. No one was standing around to talk toyou about the cars because the dealership that brought them were moreinterested in selling. And that’s the problem with the DC Auto Show.It’s catered to shoppers when it should be catered to enthusiasts. TheDetroit Auto Show broke records for attendance, while the DC Auto Show won’tdraw in nearly as many individuals. The DC Auto Show desperately needs to getbetter, more relevant cars. If you’re shopping for a vehicle, then go tothe DC Auto Show. If you’re an enthusiast near the DC area, find some Carsand Coffee meets. You’ll actually be able to see some supercars that blow yourmind there.

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