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The De Tomaso Pantera Was Good Enough for Elvis

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It was such a cool car that even the King of Rock 'n' Roll owned one, which he later shot with his sidearm.

The formula for the De Tomaso Pantera was solid: an Italian-designed mid-engined exotic with power coming from an American V8. More specifically, it was a Ford 351 Cleveland V8 that packed 330 horsepower. Introduced to the world in 1970, the Pantera was, and still is, a beautiful car. Just the thought of American Muscle and Italian beauty in one package should get any car enthusiast's interest. It was in production for 21 years and a total of just over 7,200 were produced. Even Elvis Presley bought one. Then he shot it. Why?

Rumor has it the car wouldn't start due to its bad electrical system (it was Italian-built in the 70s, after all). And the best part is that there are plenty of them still around for fairly affordable prices. Interested? Check out this video showcasing a pair of Panteras, one modified and the other completely stock.

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