The Definitive Batmobile Documentary

The ultimate fanboy stocking-stuffer will be out on DVD in time for the holidays. Check it out now in this preview promo.

As Hollywood director Joel Schumacher remarked, "There is no Batman without the Batmobile." Being the car guys that we are, we can't help but agree. Besides, Schumacher should know a thing or two on the subject; after all he directed two films based on the iconic Caped Crusader. Now a new documentary gives us a closer look at what makes a Batmobile a Batmobile. Its release comes just on time as Christopher Nolan's latest Batman flick "The Dark Knight Rises" hits theaters worldwide.

Check out the preview of the documentary below and, should it tickle your fancy enough, drop a few bucks on the Blu-ray or digital download when it is finished for the Holiday Season 2012.

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