The Designers Of The Lykan Hypersport Also Created This?


It won't be joining W Motors' model line-up, though.

Make what you will of the pair of supercars that have been created by W Motors, but there's no denying that the Lykan Hypersport and the Fenyr Supersport are rather striking things to look at. The designers who came up with the shapes of those cars clearly know what to do in order to make something turn heads, and it's this attribute that probably enticed the Chinese car company Iconiq Motors to hire them as designers for its inaugural product: an all-electric people carrier called the 'Iconiq Seven.'

It's a huge departure from the flat-six-powered supercars that they're more familiar with, but the W Motors designers have certainly put their talents to good use in ensuring this Iconiq Seven is the most visually arresting MPV of recent times - and probably ever, if Bertone hadn't decided to unveil a gullwing-doored, Countach-based 'Genesis' people carrier in the late 1980s. Squint a bit, and you can just about make out via the slim headlight arrangement and sharper bodywork creases that this Seven is indeed a product of the minds behind two of the most outrageously designed supercars of modern times - though we'll let you decide if those styling cues work on a shape as boxy as this.

If you're firmly in the "Oh my God! Who on Earth gave this hideous travesty the green light?" camp, then you'll be pleased to know that Iconiq Motors only has plans at the moment to sell the vehicle in its native China. However, those of you who actually quite like the look of the Seven will also be happy to be informed that more images of this quirky MPV will be flooding onto the Internet soon, as the Iconiq Seven will be sharing plinth space with the Fenyr Supersport and Lykan Hypersport models that W Motors shall also be bringing to the myriad events that make up the Monterey Car Week. It'll be interesting to see how much attention the W Motors stand will attract by having a people carrier on display.

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