The Discontinued McLaren P1 Is Getting A Special Carbon Fiber Edition


Carbon fiber all the things!

After the recent declaration that McLaren will no longer be making any more P1s, the British automaker has taken its Special Operations unit and decided to put it to good use. McLaren was originally thought to be taking 20 P1s and replacing the body parts with carbon fiber as part of their Limited-Edition McLaren P1 Carbon Series. However, it now seems that only five will be getting the changes. One P1 appears to be getting red accents on its new side skirts, spoiler, rear diffuser, the "P1" badge on the back, and the front splitter.


These changes will cost a pretty penny to boot, as in $200,000. The change in body material probably saves a lot of weight, but it may not offer a significant improvement in performance. It's more than likely a style change, as carbon fiber runs rampant in really good-looking cars, as seen here. Is this a fitting way to say good-bye to the P1? Maybe so. The performance may not be significantly improved but the look certainly is. Images via Lovecars.

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