The Dodge Viper Could Be Dead Soon

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Blame SUVs and turbocharging too.

The fate of the Dodge Viper could very well be buried in the ongoing talks between Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and the United Auto Workers union (UAW). The Detroit News has presented a summary of the negotiations, which finds the future of Detroit's Connor Avenue Assembly Plant is up in the air. That plant makes the Dodge Viper SRT, GTS and V10 engines. The summary doesn't make any definitive statements either way, saying the Viper will be "built out" in 2017 but that "no future product has yet been identified."

This is awful news for folks who like to go fast in American muscle cars. SUVs are where the money is at, and if FCA axes the Viper then it could be signaling a permanent shift away from old school American performance. Remember that the HEMI V8s could be on the way out as well, with rumors that the engine could be donezo after 2019. Of course Dodge would still make muscle cars, but it'd be a blow to enthusiasts to lose both V8-powered Chargers and Challengers along with the Viper. That being said the world is changing, and turbocharging smaller engines makes a lot more sense than building massive V8s and V10s that are only used in a limited amount of models. Still, this sucks if it's all true.

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