The Dog Seat Belt Will Make You Say "Aww" But Are They Crash-Safe?


We won't endorse them until the NHTSA does.

Skoda has just become the most dog-friendly automaker around. The Czech car company rolled out a series of dog-friendly devices designed to keep your pooch safe and your car clean. The most adorable and useful of the bunch is a special dog harness that attaches to the seat belt. There's also a grille that keeps your dog from jumping from the trunk into the backseats. For neat freaks there's a giant tarp-like thing to keep the rear seats clean and rubber mats for the trunk.

We don't really want a Skoda. Hell, we don't want the lion's share of this dog-friendly accessories package. That being said if VW doesn't start offering the dog seat belt in America people should riot.


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