The Doubleback VW: A Compact Motorhome

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This is the most innovative van to hit the market since the advent of the elevating roof thirty years ago.

The Transporter T5 has been the most popular camper van across the globe for a decade, and in Europe VWs are the go-to brand when it comes to campers, especially those with the pop-top roof. This tried-and-tested formula has now been rearranged in the form of the Doubleback conversion, which comes with an electric, extendable passenger compartment that doubles the vehicle's interior space, adding almost two meters to the length while only adding 130kg to the curb weight.

Developed by mechanical engineer Craig McCormack over four years, the aluminum composite rear pod takes around 45 seconds to extend while simultaneously deploying two legs to keep things level on uneven ground. The trade-off to getting an entire rear bedroom is the elimination of all the rear seating. So if you want more than two seats, a front bench has to be installed to fit an extra passenger. The Doubleback VW is powered by a 2-liter diesel engine good for 138hp or if twin-turbochargers are included, 179hp. You can pick up the innovative camper van for around $90,000 and change, or request the company to convert your current vehicle.

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