The Downsizing Plague Has Finally Claimed The Audi R8's Glorious V8

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Except now it's getting engines from Porsche. Has the world turned upside down?

We can already hear people complaining that the next entry level Audi R8 will be taking a step backwards after learning that the sublime V8 powerplant will be binned in favor of a V6. The thing is, a V6 seems to be the way to go if you want to make big, reliable power. Think R35 Nissan GT-R and the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, and of course, the car that Autocar reports will donate it's insides to the R8 - the new Porsche Panamera S. There will be replacement for displacement though.

In the Porsche Panamera, the newly titled KoVoMo engine has been tuned to produce 434 hp and 405 lb-ft, which is a little less horsepower than what the current naturally aspirated Audi 4.2-liter V8 produces in the RS4 and RS5. But this has a pair of turbochargers strapped to it, and turbochargers mean that there's boost to play with, and after Audi gets a turn to tweak it, it means that every tuning company will be salivating in anticipation of getting this engine in their hands. With the manufacturer doing its own slight tune, which will balance performance and reliability, the Audi / Porsche engine should produce more than 500 hp and up to 500 lb-ft.

It's also been revealed that this new 2.9-liter capacity twin turbocharged V6 engine will be found in a host of other new Audi performance models such as the next RS4, RS5 and RS Q5. There's a variation on the motor too, the new S4 features a similar setup, but with the capacity bumped up to a full 3.0-liters and the boost coming from a single twin-scroll turbocharger. On the aftermarket side I'm sure we'll see this turbo being sourced for upgrades to the older model motors as we see being done with the current range, if they can be made to fit of course.


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