The Dramatic End of a Gullwing Replica

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Mercedes destroyed an unlawful Gullwing replica as a warning to imitators.

You can rely on the Germans that whenever they build or destroy something, they do it wholeheartedly, professionally, and even get a certificate to prove that the job was done. Such a fate befell a Gullwing replica (W198), which Mercedes-Benz used-parts center, responsible for scrapping all Mercedes-Benz prototypes, smashed to pieces in designated presses. Daimler, according to the official story, possesses the rights to the Gullwing design and shape.

They thus prohibit the imitation of the famous body style. A case had arisen, according to Daimler, in which a company had built an unlawful replica of a 300 SL (W 198 series). As a work of applied art, the body of the 300 SL has been under copyright protection and the body shape has also been trademarked by Daimler AG. That was also legally confirmed. After the replica was confiscated and handed over to Daimler, the body panels were separated from the chassis. Then Mercedes-Benz used-parts center destroyed the 148 kg replica body on behalf of Daimler AG by a certified 30 tons press.

"This dramatic end to the unlawful body was officially documented with a signed and stamped 'confirmation of scrappage,'" says Daimler in a press release. And with it they released 4 photographs to prove that justice has been done.

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