The Eclipse Will Not Be The Last Mitsubishi To Become A Crossover


Another Mitsubishi car will be revived as an SUV.

Mitsubishi turned a lot of heads when it revealed the return of the Eclipse nameplate for a new crossover. The Eclipse was once a sporty two-door coupe, but the once-cool name has now been sullied on yet another basic CUV, the Eclipse Cross. Mitsubishi needs SUVs and CUVs to stay alive, which is why cars like the Lancer and Lancer Evolution have died off. We hope the company doesn't decide to tarnish the Evo name by brining it back as a crossover, but there is another Mitsubishi model that we wouldn't mind seeing get the SUV treatment.

We know that Mitsubishi has plans to introduce more SUVs than the current Eclipse Cross, Outlander, and Outlander Sport. According to Japanese outlet Response, the next generation Mirage will be replaced by an entry-level crossover that will share its CMF B platform underpinnings with the next Nissan Juke and Renault Captur. Despite having been refreshed in 2017, Response says the Mirage could be replaced by this new SUV in 2019 as a 2020 model.

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It isn't known whether or not Mitsubishi will keep the Mirage name, change it to Mirage Cross, or simply create an entirely new name. This new crossover is expected to be powered by a 0.9-liter three-cylinder turbocharged three cylinder, which will hopefully be more powerful than the current Mirage's 1.2-liter engine producing just 78 horsepower. Rumors indicate that this vehicle will have coupe-like styling, and is positioned to compete with the Suzuki Swift. Almost anything will be better than the current Mitsubishi Mirage.