The Electric Audi e-tron Will Seamlessly Connect To Your House

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You'll be able to charge the Audi E-Tron using your home's electric infrastructure.

In just a couple of months Audi will unveil the e-tron, the German automaker's first foray into the electric SUV segment. As its debut draws closer, Audi has revealed how the technically-advanced SUV will be able to seamlessly connect to your house thanks to a partnership with SMA Solar Technology and the Hager Group that will enable "intelligent interaction with home energy management systems" and "cost-optimized charging" to combat the lack of proper charging networks.

The standard compact charging system will feature charging with an output of up to 11kW. An optional connect charging system will double that output to 22kW, for which the e-tron will be equipped with a second, optional charger. The connect charging system will be able to connect to the infrastructure via the home's WiFi and offer "intelligent charging functions" in conjunction with a home energy management system. "In keeping with our premium quality standards, we want an electric car that fits seamlessly into the intelligently connected home, to provide genuine added value for the customer," said Fermin Soneira, Head of Product Marketing at Audi.

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"That is why we have teamed up with the two leading suppliers of home energy management systems, the Hager Group and SMA Solar Technology. That brings maximum charging convenience." With the connect charging system and a suitably equipped home energy management system, owners will be able to use variable electricity tariffs to charge the Audi e-tron. If the home is fitted with a photo-voltaic system, the charging process can be optimized to prefer the electricity generated by the system for charging their vehicle. The final production version of the Audi e-tron will be unveiled in Brussels on August 30.

Audi is touting a range of 249 miles and the SUV is expected to be powered by a pair of electric motors and a 95kWh battery generating around 400 hp.

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