The Electric G-Wagon Will Have A Cutting-Edge Battery

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Silicon anode chemistry technology has an energy density increase of 20-40% compared to contemporary batteries.

Like the gas-powered G-Class, the all-electric EQG is set to be one of the most desirable SUVs on the road when it goes on sale in 2024. Aside from luxury and a strong image, the battery-powered Gelandewagen will be a technological tour de force thanks to Sila, an innovative battery materials company.

Together with Sila, the German automaker is planning to bring silicon anode chemistry tech to the EQG. Cleverly, the cutting-edge material is able to increase the energy density of batteries without jeopardizing performance or safety. Sila's creation boasts an energy density increase of 20-40% when compared to contemporary technology. This will enable Mercedes-Benz to significantly increase the driving range of future EVs.

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In keeping with the sustainability theme, the advanced silicon anode materials will be produced using renewable energy at the company's Washington-based plant. We can expect the EQG to receive this technology by the middle of the decade. It will be implemented in a range-extender version of the electric G-Class, as a new battery option.

This makes Mercedes the first company to publicly announce a partnership with Sila; the German company invested in the tech company as far back as 2019. This, says Mercedes, is part of the company's aspirations to lead the electric vehicle segment. "Our partnership with Sila is another essential step on our way to [building] the most desirable electric luxury cars," said Chief Technology Officer, Markus Schafer.


Despite the polarizing exterior design of its electric vehicles, the EQ range is proving popular with consumers. Mercedes CEO Ola Kallenius has said the company cannot keep up with demand for its battery-powered vehicles. The inability to meet the needs of consumers also stems from the various issues plaguing the auto industry - supply chain woes and chip shortages have wreaked havoc on the sector.

With the imminent introduction of the EQG, demand is only set to soar. The regular G-Wagon is so desirable that European customers may have to wait up to two years to receive their vehicles. With electromobility gaining a stronger following, the combination of a desirable SUV and zero emissions may prove too hard to ignore. Expect the world's wealthiest suburb to be crawling with silent G-Class SUVs shortly.

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