The Electric Mini Is Coming Next Year

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It ought to look pretty close to the concept.

The BMW Group has confirmed that plans are running on schedule to roll out an all-electric Mini next year, and released a couple of teaser images to give us an idea of what to expect – even if it's only a rough idea. First announced last year as part of the group's electrification strategy, the fully electric Mini is set to be based on the two/three-door hatchback. But instead of an internal combustion engine, of course, it will feature a completely electric powertrain, with some unique design elements to visually set it apart.

The plans were confirmed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed this past weekend, where the automaker showcased the Mini Electric Concept that it first revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year. Once in production at the brand's historic home in Oxford, it will be the brand's first completely electric model since the Mini E that was released as part of a pilot program a decade ago. The electric powertrain components will be manufactured by BMW in Germany, where it also makes the i3 and i8. Mini also offers a plug-in hybrid version of the Countryman, and presented an electric-converted classic Cooper at the New York show earlier this year.

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"Mini is an urban brand and the fully-electric Mini is the logical next step into the future," said the brand's design chief Oliver Heilmer. "These initial sketches for the fully electrified Mini outline our vision of authentic design creating a bridge between the history of the brand and its electric future." Unfortunately all that these two teaser images show are the blanked-out grille and the assymetrical wheels, both dominated by a suitably electric shade of yellow. But the rest of the design we can more or less surmise from the existing Mini hatchback and the electric concept we've already seen.

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