The Electric Van From Hell Just Took Down A BMW i8 And A Dodge Viper

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Turns out electric-powered Vans are really fast.

Guess what? The 900-hp Ferrari-killing electric powered van is back at it again! The van is a product of Silicon-valley based startup Atieva. It is using the van as a test bed for a future electric sedan. The van in question is based on a stock Mercedes-Benz V-Class and has received the nickname of Edna from its engineers. Powering it is a 87 kWh battery pack that sends power to two electric motors. If you were to convert that into traditional horsepower, you'd be looking at a van making 900 horsepower.

Drag racing a vehicle with 900 horsepower and immediate torque off the line is bad news, as the drivers of the BMW i8 and Dodge Viper in this video found out. Turns out electric cars are really, really fast in a straight line. We already knew that, but it's nice to get another fun reminder.

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