The Elio Motors Three-Wheeler Is Set To Borrow Engines From... Roush!?


Ok, now we are interested.

Back in 2015, a company called Elio Motors revealed a small three-wheeler that was meant to be an affordable means of transportation for US consumers. The vehicle would actually be classified as a motorcycle and would be powered by a 900 cc engine capable of achieving 100 mph and 84 mpg all for just $6,800. Unfortunately, the project has been extensively delayed and the company is currently facing an uphill battle. In order to finally get production on track, Elio Motors has partnered with a very surprising company to supply engines. Yes, that's right, this little three-wheeler will borrow its engines from Roush.

Roush is best known for building Ford Mustangs with insane amounts of power. We hate to disappoint anyone out there who would potentially buy a V8-powered three-wheeler but Elio definitely won't be ordering the type of engines Roush is typically known for. The company issued a statement saying: "This powertrain will also greatly enhance the Elio's performance by nearly doubling its horsepower while still maintaining class-leading fuel economy at an affordable ultra-low price".

The original car was set to produce around 55 hp, so the Roush engine should produce around 100 hp.

"Purchasing an OEM's existing powertrain has an enormous impact on the project, it helps both expedite the timeline, and it directly reduces our capital requirement by about $120 million dollars", said Elio Motors CEO, Paul Elio.

This seems like a good move for Elio Motors but it will delay the production process even further. The company was set to begin production by the end of 2018 but this move will likely push it into 2019. Over 65,000 people have already preordered one of these three-wheelers, so Elio should have plenty of customers when it finally begins production.

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