The End For Carbon Motors?

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Perhaps the coolest-looking and most advanced police cruiser ever to have been developed won't be chasing bad guys down anytime soon, if ever.

Carbon Motors had a plan back in 2009 to set up shop in Connersville, Indiana, about 60 miles east of Indianapolis, to build its extremely high-tech and Robocop-like E7 police cruiser. The plan was to invest some $350 million to properly convert a section of an old Visteon plant in order to get production under way. An estimated 1,500 jobs could then be created. However, $310 million of that investment sum was to come in the form a loan from the U.S. Department of Energy.


That loan, however, was reportedly denied and production of the E7 was supposed to begin in March 2012. It didn't happen as planned and the company instead sought private investment. Evidently that has also failed as the Indianapolis Business Journal is reporting that Carbon Motors is closing up shop. The company has not extended its factory lease and the city has painted over the Carbon Motors logo on signs at the plant as well. Carbon Motor's plant development officer also resigned and the company's website, Facebook and Twitter accounts have been taken offline.

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