The Entire Holy Trinity Will Cost You An Outrageous $9.2 Million

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Wealthy enthusiasts are cashing in.

When the Holy Trinity (Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder) were introduced, the vehicles were some of the most expensive on the market. With all of the latest technology, blistering speeds and incredible looks, the hypercars demanded a large amount of cash from extremely wealthy enthusiasts. From the factory, the LaFerrari had a price tag of $1.42 million, the P1 cost $1.15 million and the 918 Spyder was "just" $850,000. When new, all three hypercars could be purchased for $3.42 million, but prices have increased.

A luxurious dealership in London has all three hypercars for sale for the whopping total of $9.2 million. Prindiville is selling a LaFerrari with only 1,000 miles on the clock for $3.6 million, which is roughly 2.5 times as much as the original price. The P1 with only 10 miles on the clock is going for $2.7 million or 2.3 times more than the original price. Lastly, the 918 Spyder with 31 miles is no longer the cheapest hypercar at $2.8 million, which is roughly three times as much as the original sticker price. All three of these hypercars are at the limits of what vehicles can do, so it's no surprise they are incredibly overpriced. When does a car go from being a rare collector's item to grossly overpriced, and is it wrong to be asking this much for the cars?

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