The Entry-Level Model Ferrari Said it'll Never Build to be a Twin-Turbo V6?

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Then again, Ferrari doesn't build cars for people who can't afford them.

For the record, and this comes from Ferrari, the California T is not an entry-level model. Ferrari doesn't build cars for people who can't afford one of theirs. It's just how it works. But the California T is the least expensive car Ferrari sells. Just don't dare call it entry-level in an accidental Freudian slip of the tongue way to its development manager at Geneva. Not like we did that or anything. But now there's word, once again, that Ferrari is seriously looking at doing an entry-level model. Damnit. Just did it again.


Anyway, Car Magazine writes an inside source has claimed there's a new twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6 is in the works "designed to be long-term, street-legal and affordable in big growth markets such as China." But don't be too alarmed because it has a target output of close to 600 horsepower. Consider us intrigued. So when's it going to happen, if at all? Not until the 458 is replaced entirely in 2019. A heavily facelifted, and twin-turbo V8-powered, 458 will debut at Geneva next March. That'll last four years at which point Ferrari may opt to split its next mid-engined supercar into two models: a V8 mainstream car and a less expensive six-cylinder. There's your entry-level model. Crap. Four times in one article (not including the title).

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