The EPA Is Trying To Make Road-Legal Race Cars Illegal, But There Is Still Hope

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Tuners and sleek sleepers may see their end.

Recently the EPA threatened to make war on modified cars that blur the line between road vehicles and race car because these types of vehicles are too polluting for the agency's new interpretation of the Clean Air Act. Fortunately, the US capitol is inhabited by a few gearheads because a new proposed law called Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act (aptly abbreviated as the RPM act) has been introduced to congress to counter some of the new rules set forth by the EPA.

The new rules would ban any modification of road cars that turns them into race cars unless the RPM bill has its way. Unfortunately, the bill only targets road cars tuned strictly for competition, i.e. cars designed strictly to compete in racing. It does nothing to help those who want a road car with racing abilities. The Special Equipment Market Association (SEMA) praised congress for the proposed law, but as of now the bill is still only being considered. If you're the type of gearhead who only petitions your local representative to pass relaxed marijuana laws, you might want to look into supporting this bill too because if it isn't passed, the plans you have for your dream tune job could be axed.

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