The EPA Just Did Something That Might Make Tesla Mad


As in it leaked the Model X's max range early.

Today is the day the Tesla Model X makes its grand debut. Elon Musk will be showing and telling the world a lot of things previously unknown about his company's newest model. Unfortunately for him, one of those things won't be the range of the all-electric SUV. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) managed to steal Musk's thunder by posting the fuel economy ratings for the Model X on its website. So, just how far can the electric SUV go on a single charge?

According to the EPA, the base model 90D can travel up to 257 miles on a single charge. The top-tier Model X P90D is good for "only" 250 miles. Note that both have all-wheel drive and then there's ludicrous mode, which will rocket the Model X P90D to 60 mph in just 3.3 seconds. Compared to the Model S these range ratings aren't bad as the biggest battery available for the sporty electric sedan has a max range of 300 miles. Yeah, gas lets you go farther but there is that whole network of superchargers Tesla is building (and telling people to lay off of)... We're sure Musk isn't too excited about being scooped by the EPA but we doubt it will ruin the Model X's coming out party.

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