The Epic Giorgio Platform Will Be The Backbone Of 12 New FCA Vehicles


It's time to get very excited for future Jeep Cherokees, Maserati Levantes, and Dodge Challengers.

Within the first month of 2017, Fiat Chrysler announced losses of over 11%, which doesn't quite help the fact that, according to Automotive News, the automaker recently dumped $2.7 billion into the revitalization of Alfa Romeo. A large chunk of this investment went towards the stellar Giorgio platform that underpins the Giulia. It was a huge investment on FCA's part, and it was a no-brainer decision to migrate the expensive platform to the rest of the lineup given that it's as good as it is.

Thanks to a few hints from FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne, we now know just how deeply Giorgio will permeate the brand. As we initially reported, nearly all FCA brands including Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, Maserati, and future Alfa Romeos will get the platform, which is optimized for both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive setups. So far as we know, new versions of the Dodge Challenger, Charger, Journey, and Durango will get the platform although it will be downgraded a bit to lower costs. A new mid-size Dodge sedan based on the Giulia is also a possibility while Chrysler will get the platform for the next generation 300C.

We're not too sure which Jeeps will get a visit from Giorgio but given that the unibody structure couldn't be migrated to the body-on-frame Wrangler, we can expect larger unibody models like the Cherokee, Compass, and Patriot to be more likely to get the platform. As FCA's most exclusive brand, Maserati will see an upgraded version of Giorgio that will underpin every one of the Italian luxury cars after 2018 including the Ghibli, Quattroporte, Gran Turismo, upcoming Alfieri, and a new mid-sized SUV to come slot under the Levante. "The investment in Alfa Romeo and certainly the technical investment in the architecture was something that was designed to benefit more than Alfa," said Marchionne.

I'm happy that we have finally found clarity of thought in the extension of these architectures well beyond Alfa." Despite Marchionne's stance, Alfa Romeo will be seeing plenty more of Giorgio with eight new models being added to the Italian brand by 2020. As much as FCA is hurting for cash and sales numbers right now, we can't help but be excited for its future, especially after seeing how bright the Giulia makes it out to be.


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