The EU Could Soon Start Clamping Down On Car Emissions Even Harder

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Will this affect precious imports like the Jaguar F-Type?

For years now, the European Union has enforced some incredibly tough car emissions regulations. Even before the Volkswagen 'dieselgate' scandal, the EU had been gradually putting in place more stringent targets for car engine emissions. In the wake of the VW crisis, though, things could soon become even less forgiving. Speaking to Reuters, the EU's industry commissioner, Elzbieta Bienjowska, revealed she'd very much like to put in place measures that would prevent any future car emission infringements from happening.

On top of revising EU legislation by 2019 to curb the use of emissions defeat devices, Bienjowska would also like to see European Union member states to be prosecuted for failing to properly keep on top of car emission rules. Such legal action would of course require substantial evidence, but the fact the investigations are set to commence "a few months from now" does suggest there are already indications that some member states haven't been doing their emission-curbing jobs properly. Indeed, Bienjowska's comment on how she wants to start investigating "not all and not one" EU member states is particularly intriguing.

After all, it all-but-confirms that the European Commission suspects at least two of the 28 EU member states haven't been enforcing all of the car emission rules properly. As these prosecutions won't commence for a good few months at the very earliest, it's impossible to say right now which countries will be implicated for emissions regulation infringement. Needless to say, we'll be keeping our eyes peeled for any news coming out of the European Commission camp on these new investigations.


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