The Evolution of the F1 Car

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F1 cars change every year, and this video arftully takes us through the evolution.

Some cars place form above function, but in a motor racing series like Formula One, the shape of the cars is always dictated by practical considerations. Things like aerodynamic efficiency, mechanical grip from the tires and keeping those screaming engines running cool. Those parameters, however, have changed dramatically over the years. To highlight that point, computer animator Rufus Blacklock has put together this engaging little one-minute video clip showing the "Evolution of the F1 Car".

You won't see any drivers in it, no sponsors, no hype and no action. Just the basic shape of grand prix cars - along with their engines and steering wheels - evolving over the decades, from the 1950s era when racing resumed after the war to the modern era of high-strung racers today. It's worth a watch.

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