The Ex-Taco Bell Exec Who Attacked His Uber Driver Is Now Suing The Uber Driver For $5 Million


Wait, what?

Last October, Newport Beach, California resident and Uber driver Edward Caban picked up a drunk Benjamin Golden, a 32-year-old now former Taco Bell marketing executive. After pulling over and asking Golden to exit the car because he was too drunk to explain where he wanted to go, Caban was suddenly attacked from behind. Golden hit him in the face and pulled his hair from the backseat – and it was all caught on dash cam. Caban posted the video online and Golden was soon fired and arrested for assault.

And now Golden is suing Caban to the tune of $5 million. Wait, shouldn't it be the other way around? Well, yes. Caban did sue Golden post-attack, but now Golden is counter suing, claiming in court papers that Caban is to blame for any injuries he suffered and that recording him without his consent was in violation of state law.

Golden's lawyer states that Caban, who no longer drives for Uber, appears to be "quite the opportunist" and that "there's very little truth to the damages that he claims." Those include post-traumatic stress and living in fear. Caban's lawyer, however, calls Golden's claims "disingenuous" and "totally bogus." Interestingly, right after the incident Golden's lawyers stated he "accepts full responsibility for his actions and understands the consequences that may occur as a result." But now Golden is claiming the viral video's "overwhelming media coverage" has caused him "severe emotional distress, humiliation, anxiety, fear, pain and suffering and the loss of his job."

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