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The Family Car Of The Year...Is A Minivan

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Still the perfect family vehicle.

For a number of years now the SUV and its smaller crossover companion have been muscling in on the family vehicle territory previously dominated by minivans and to a lesser extent, sedans. The situation has shifted so much that some major manufacturers have almost completely eradicated anything from their model range that isn't a high-riding crossover-style vehicle.

Chrysler though has stuck with the minivan segment and has been rewarded for its efforts after the advanced Pacifica minivan was named 'Family Car Of The Year' for the second time in a row.

While historically minivans are considered to be unexciting vehicles that are only valued for their spacious interiors, the Pacifica aims to change those perceptions with its bold styling, advanced technology and versatility. It offers strong performance from its 287 horsepower 3.6-liter V6 and can also be had in hybrid form (a first in this segment) which allows for over 30 miles of all-electric range.

The Pacifica hasn't lost its focus though, according to Cars.com editors, "All minivans are tailored for families, but the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica takes that concept further than any other, proving to be the most comfortable, entertaining and versatile of the class. For hauling furniture, Chrysler's Stow 'n Go fold-flat seats are matchless."

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Each vehicle assessed needed to excel in three key areas, namely quality, innovation and value and the Pacifica has the best combination of these traits among the latest crop of minivans. When compared to more fashionable crossovers, the Pacifica really does offer extremely good value.

Prices range between $26,985 and $44,445 MSRP which pits it against crossovers and SUVs that simply cannot compete with its 8-seater configuration and spacious interior. Add to that over 100 available safety and security features, as well as the Uconnect Theater rear-seat entertainment system and this minivan suddenly starts to make a whole lot more sense than those cramped crossovers that major on style but fall short on practicality.