The Fans Have Spoken, Chris Evans's Role On 'Top Gear' Will Shrink

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And there's more good news.

Chris Evans has not been well received by "Top Gear" fans. Among the many complaints that people have of the new head host is that he tends to shout reviewing cars. Unlike Jeremy Clarkson, who would give an in-depth review of the cars, Evans has really just given us the basic facts (horsepower, price, 0-60 mph), then went on to scream when he hit the accelerator. After seeing what Rory Reid and Chris Harris could do when given the keys to the main show, we instantly knew that they were better presenters. Luckily, the BBC has taken notice.

According to The Telegraph, Chris Evans will take a smaller role on the show following dwindling ratings. Evans and Matt LeBlanc will apparently still handle the studio transitions and the star in a rallycross car interviews. The best news is that Reid and Harris will be filming the taped segments and will be on every episode from now on. The first episode of the new show brought in 4.3 million viewers, but have shrunk by nearly 2 million in just two weeks. Hopefully the BBC hasn't lost these fans forever because we have the feeling the show will only get better now that Harris and Reid have bigger roles.

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