The Faraday Future FF 91 Is Finally Here

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Albeit with a "production-intent" warning label.

With new EV manufacturers popping up all over the place, one thing has become abundantly clear in the race to EV dominance: starting a car manufacturing company is really, really hard. Just ask Faraday Future. This California-based EV startup has been threatening the car world with massively powerful luxury EVs for the last five years, and at one point seemed to be completely out of the race. Numerous difficulties, including some recent financial troubles, have kept Faraday Future from delivering on its promise, but its day has finally come: the highly anticipated FF 91 luxury performance crossover EV has officially been revealed at its plant in Handford, and the EV industry is buzzing.

Faraday Future Faraday Future Faraday Future FF91 Faraday Future Faraday Future
Faraday Future FF91

The news might be confusing to some who have been following the progress of the EV newcomer as the company has already had a FF 91 roll off the production line way back in 2018. Back then, Faraday Future's Senior VP of Manufacturing, Dag Reckhorn was excited to finally get the ball rolling, and told media that "It is inspirational for us at FF to see all the parts come together for this significant day: the literal parts of the FF 91 from our various on-time supplier partners; the processes and tooling within the Hanford facility itself; and the invaluable training for the essential 'soft' skills required for this level of sophisticated teamwork I and others need in our Hanford production teams as we begin creation of our FF 91 for demanding users,"

Those "demanding users" have had to wait another four years for the next "reveal" but this time the company has decided to call it a "production-intent" model. This car is supposed to give the public a good idea of what the car will look like, but isn't quite there yet. We've heard this one before.

Faraday Future Faraday Future Faraday Future Faraday Future

According to Faraday Future's Vice President of Manufacturing, Matt Tall, this is the closest the FF 91 has come to being production ready: "Building the first production-intent vehicle at the Hanford plant is a monumental step for the team. This iteration is the closest to the FF 91 production model we've seen to-date." He added that this pre-production car will "reset customer expectations with an unparalleled driver and passenger experience."

What we do know so far is that the FF 91, a competitor to the Tesla Model X, is based on Faraday Future's very own variable platform architecture and will be powered by a total of three electric motors producing an impressive 1,050 horsepower and 1,328 lb-ft of torque. This will allow it to sprint to 60 mph in 2.39 seconds. Use the right pedal sparingly and the FF 91 should be able to go for 378 miles on a single charge thanks to a 130-kWh battery pack. The interior is also rather impressive and will be covered in displays of all sizes, including a massive 27-inch backseat screen. This all sounds good on paper, and the actual car looks fantastic, but we'll have to wait for the production car to arrive - rumored to come with a $200,000 price tag - to take the Californian firm seriously.

Faraday Future Faraday Future Faraday Future FF91 Faraday Future Faraday Future FF91 Faraday Future Faraday Future FF91 Faraday Future
Faraday Future FF91
Faraday Future FF91
Faraday Future FF91

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