The Faraday Future FF 91 Will Take On The Gruelling Pikes Peak Hill Climb

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This will be the ultimate test for the luxury EV.

Some awe-inspiring custom-built machines will soon be tackling the gruelling Pikes Peak Hill Climb, from extreme buggies, to a GT-R-powered Ford Focus packing 850-hp. Earlier this year, Faraday Future announced it will be entering the FF 91 luxury EV into the competition to take on the Tesla Model S, and now the company has documented some of the rigorous testing the car has been undergoing to prepare for the event in a new video series.

The hill climb on Pikes Peak serves as the ideal setting to further develop the electric propulsion system and supporting thermal systems of FF 91," said Nick Sampson, Senior Vice President of Research and Development. "Testing the performance of FF 91 in real-world conditions sets the bar even higher as we bring the vehicle to market in 2018."

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Describing the Pikes Peak hill climb as "real-world conditions" seems like a stretch, though, considering it has 156 corners and climbs 4,720 feet from the starting point. There's a lot of cynicism about the FF 91 right now, so this could be a chance for the EV to prove itself. Helping the EV navigate the challenging course is its 1,050-hp powertrain, torque vectoring and four-wheel steering which should give it an advantage against conventional SUVs, as demonstrated in the video. Faraday will be entering a prototype version of the FF 91 with "production representative hardware and software" which will be driven by Robin Shute who works as a Principal Engineer at the company.


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