The 'Fast 8' Crew Was Just Spotted Shooting Stunts In Cleveland Of All Places

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No word on the possibility of a Drew Carey cameo.

"Fast 8" is filming all over the world, with stops including Cuba and Iceland. One of its less exotic shooting locales is Cleveland, Ohio. The stunt crew, sans stars, made a stop in the city to shoot a few scenes. One of those involved dropping a car out of a building and onto the street several stories below. There were a few more scenes shot, including one that looked fairly tame and included some of the hero cars of the film turning onto a street in unison…or something.

Unfortunately for the residents of Cleveland it's unlikely that the city will be in the film. "Fast 8" is most likely using it as a stand-in for New York. That sucks but at least Clevelanders will always remember the day the film crew threw a car off a building.

Clevelanders will also get to look warmly upon this scene, which doesn't appear to be too action packed but does feature some cool cars, including a massive truck that has to be The Rock's.

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