The Fast 8 Stunt Department Reveal Shows Us Why C4 Is Better Than CGI

Nobody likes a fake anyways.

Leaving the theater after watching the latest hot action flick, it’s easy to think that half of the movie was made up of computer-generated cars flipping through the air and CGI engineered explosions. Many movies are made that way these days because it's a lot easier using computers to do all the hard work than shooting the risky scenes in real life. The outlandish nature of some of the stunts makes it seem like video-editing software is the only explanation, but a good filmmaker knows otherwise.

Fast 8 is shaping up to be a hot film, and we know this for a fact because of this epic footage captured in Cleveland, Ohio, where some of the Fast 8 filming is taking place.

If you can’t get enough of the crew’s stunts, check out the crew's epic footage from Iceland.

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