The Fast And Furious Air Drop Scene Has Nothing On These Humvees

You don't need to be Vin Diesel to pull off a dramatic entrance in a car.

Honeycombs bearing the same color as cardboard are the only things stopping a 5,200 pound Humvee from being disintegrated once dropped 5,000 feet from the C-17 Globemaster. After all, F=MA and cardboard helps make that acceleration variable last a few seconds longer, which is all the rugged military vehicles need to survive the fall. This may be a bit less dramatic than the Fast and Furious style airdrop, but it’s not any less cool. Check out these spliced together clips to see how the military pulls it off.

Let’s be honest, an on-demand car delivery service that drops your favorite ride off using these sorts of airdrops should be a thing.

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