The Fast And The Furious Supra Up For Sale

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One of the more important cars in the franchise, along with some slightly suspicious timing.

We're not sure if this is related to the recent death of the star of the F&F movie franchise, but the 1994 Toyota Supra used in the first three movies has just gone up for sale. The car was featured especially prominently in the first movie, where it belonged to Paul Walker's character, an undercover coped name Brian O'Conner, and was used in several of the film's chase scenes. The car was then repainted to its current gold color for the second film.

It had a different owner for the second installment as well, and wasn't nearly so prominent. It showed up in Tokyo for the third film, still wearing the same paint. The twin-turbo car can also be seen in Grandma's Boy, but it's possible that that car was a copy. The car has 102,000 miles on the clock and is no longer street legal, as a result of the extensive stunt modifications. But its importance is as a piece of movie memorabilia, and it comes with a certificate of authenticity from Universal. It is being sold by Rockingham Toyota Scion of Salem, New Hampshire. Hat tip to James Stevens.

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