The Fastest BMW i8 On The Nurburgring Is Still Pretty Slow

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Let's face it, the i8 was never made for something like this.

The BMW i8 is definitely not one of the fastest cars you can buy today. It was never meant to be that. Instead, it's more of a demonstration of how sports cars of the future, assumingly constrained by emissions regulations, could exist with the help of hybrid boost and an abundance of lightweight carbon fiber components. But last spring, German tuning house AC Schnitzer revealed a modified i8. It mainly consists of lightweight forged alloy wheels, and a new carbon fiber aero kit consisting of a new front spoiler, side skirts and rear wing.

Also new is a carbon fiber middle spoiler, hood, and front side wings. Look more carefully and you'll notice the car's ride has been adjusted. It's now 25 mm lower up front and 20 mm lower at the rear. The tuner claims that since it's closer to the ground, it ensures "greater stability in all cornering situations."

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And that brings us to today's Nurburgring demonstration. With a final time of 8:19.8, this i8 is still slow compared to today's supercars. For example, the Lamborghini Huracan Performante set a 'Ring record time of 6:52.01. The (much less expensive) Honda Civic Type R? Try 7:43.8. You get the point. To its credit, AC Schnitzer hired German Touring Car and truck racer Markus Oestreich to handle its modified i8 around the Green Hell, so at least we know his time is about as good as the car can do, sans engine modifications, of course.

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