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The Fastest Nurburgring Car Is... A SEAT!?

For front-wheel drive only, but it’s still pretty damn awesome.

The Seat Leon Cupra 280 is now officially the hottest hatchin the front-wheel drive world, after becoming the first FWD production modelto break in below the eight-minute mark at Nurburgring. With an amazing 7:58.4,that makes this 2.0-liter, turbocharged VW Golf-based hatch faster than theCadillac CTS-V (7:59) and the BMW M3 E92 (8:05). The little hatchback makes 276horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque.

The Leon Cupra 280 – an upgrade version of the 262hp LeonCupra – can sprint from 0-62mph in 5.7 seconds when mated with a DSGtransmission, or 5.8 seconds with a manual, topping out at 155mph. With stiff competitionexpected from the newly-introduced Honda Civic Type R, Seat already introduceda racing version of the Curpra in Geneva, which is said to deliver 325hp. Thiscar will make its debut on European tracks in May.

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