The Feds Are Forcing The Alfa Romeo 4C To Get A Backup Camera?

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Too bad there's not a law for more horsepower, too.

This month, a new US federal law comes into effect requiring all new cars sold to come standard with a backup camera. Obviously using the rearview and side mirrors is too hard for some drivers. But which new cars and trucks on sale today already don't come with a backup camera? Not many, and the Alfa Romeo 4C is one of them. AutoGuide was curious and reached out to Alfa Romeo to ask whether a backup camera and screen will now be standard fare. If Alfa Romeo doesn't do the update, then the 4C will have to be killed off. Blame the feds.


"We haven't announced any plans to stop production of the Alfa Romeo 4C and, as always, we will make sure all of our vehicles comply with all regulatory requirements," an Alfa Romeo spokesperson told AutoGuide. It's kind of weird that Alfa Romeo didn't just come out and state that a backup camera is on its way for the coupe and spider; the alternative for not doing so is not acceptable, at least not yet. We already found out the 4C will stick around for a little while longer until its rumored 6C successor halo car arrives. For 2019, the 4C is supposedly scheduled to receive a number of upgrades, such as an improved suspension and steering, some styling tweaks, and maybe, just maybe, more power.

Aj Mueller For Alfa Romeo

We'll hopefully find out what's in store over the summer, but it's a pretty fair assumption that a backup camera and screen will be part of that update. The Alfa Romeo 4C launched for 2013, only one year before the US Department of Transportation announced the backup camera requirement, so automakers had a few years for preparation.

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