The Feds Are Mad At Volkswagen And Are Now Taking It Out On BMW


Volkswagen's scandal is now hurting other manufactuers.

BMW seems to be having some difficulty getting approval for its range of 2017 diesel engines. The company has confirmed to Autoguide that the engines have been delayed due to extra scrutiny from federal agencies. These US agencies are taking longer to certify diesel engines following the Volkswagen scandal. However, BMW spokesperson Hector Arellano-Belloc said that "there has been no indication that BMW's diesel models do not meet all requisite emission standards or that there is a defeat device in the vehicle."


It appears that BMW has done nothing wrong here, and is simply paying the consequence for Volkswagen's actions. It seems that as a result of the scandal, other manufacturers will be put through increased scrutiny in regards to diesel emissions testing. BMW offers diesel versions of the 3 Series, 5 Series, X3 and X5 in the US which accounted for about six percent of the company's total U.S. sales. We get that the US federal agencies want to avoid any more scandals, but delaying engines that meet all of the standards seems very unwarranted.

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