The Feds Crushed This Illegal R33 Nissan Skyline After Its Owner Got Into A Fender Bender

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Yes, this one hurts.

We're not so sure how this guy managed to get his 1995 R33 Nissan Skyline titled in the US but somehow he did. As most of you probably already know, it's currently illegal to import an R33. An R32 is not a problem because the 25-year import ban has expired. But we still have two years to go for the R33. However, this guy bought one from a dealership in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and drove it back home to Ohio. He got it titled with its original VIN and it passed state inspection.

Heck, he even got full coverage at State Farm Insurance. Everything went fine for a while until he got into a fender bender. That's when an insurance adjuster figured out the car wasn't federally legal, and flagged it.

Not long after, agents showed up to his door and seized the car. No charges were filed because there wasn't any fraud committed but the Feds couldn't figure how the hell the guy managed to buy the car in the first place. They simply didn't know what to do with it. Their solution? Crush it.

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