The Ferrari F40 And Ford GT Have Given Birth


Say hello to the Fordrarri GF40.

The Ferrari F40 is still one of our favorite supercars of all time. With so many greats on the modern stage, we'd be hard-pressed to pick our favorite of today's crop, but the current Ford GT would surely be pretty high up there. So what if the two crossed over and morphed into one fantastic neo-retro supercar?

That's what the creative minds at Abimelec Design undertook with this latest batch of renderings. It's the same outfit that cooked up that Fox-body F40 mashup, but this time, the result - however sacrilegious the essential idea might seem - is much better resolved than you might think.

Abimelec Design via Facebook Abimelec Design via Facebook

Now of course we know that Maranello and Dearborn were bitter rivals at Le Mans in the 1960s, as immortalized in the latest blockbuster hit. But before you go screaming about the absurdity of a thirty-some-odd-year-old Prancing Horse melding with a modern Blue Oval, consider what they have in common.

Both are mid-engined supercars, of course, with two doors, two seats, and fixed roofs. Both are (or were) built largely out of carbon fiber and aluminum. And both feature twin-turbocharged engines displacing around three liters and driving the rear wheels. Of course there are key differences, but this is a largely stylistic exercise.

Abimelec Design via Facebook Abimelec Design via Facebook

The F40's basic shape clearly dominates here, but telltale cues from the GT still shine through - especially around the front air dam, the wing mirrors, the engine bay, and the interior. The wheels are clearly the F40's in shape, but rendered in carbon like the optional rims on the Ford. And the sparkling blue paintjob, of course, is clearly more Ford than Ferrari.

Ultimately these renderings, as a whole, look more like a modernized take on the F40, but one that owes much to the Ford GT. And as incongruous as that may seem, we dig it.

Abimelec Design via Facebook Abimelec Design via Facebook Abimelec Design via Facebook
Source Credits: Abimelec Design

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