The Ferrari 458-Powered Toyota 86 Is Absolutely Epic

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Especially when drifting.

This isn't the first time we've witnessed Ryan Tuerck's ridiculously awesome Frankenstein Toyota GT86. More precisely, he calls it the GT4586 because of its Ferrari 458 V8 engine stuffed all nice and cozy under the hood where the puny 2.0-liter four-cylinder normally sits. And because Tuerck is a pro drifter, he loves nothing more than to hoon the absolute crap out of his creation. Be jealous. We are. And now there's new footage of Tuerck doing his thing with his GT4586 at Formula Drift Orlando.

He's not even competing yet and already he can't stop hooning the thing between practice sessions. It sounds amazing. It looks amazing, and we wish this video lasted longer than 90 seconds.

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What the GT4586 really proves is that bonkers engine swaps need to happen way more often. Who cares if the OEM doesn't like it. Ferrari probably hates this thing. Tough shit. If the engine bay is big enough, or can be modified to be so, then transplanting a bigger, more powerful engine into a smaller and lighter body is completely fair game. Tuerck has totally proven that.

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