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The Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta Is Now A Million-Dollar Supercar

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Ferrari’s upcoming hardcore 488 could be a wise investment looking at the appreciation of its open-top predecessor.

If a recently leaked photo from a private preview event is anything to go by, Ferrari is gearing up to reveal a new hardcore version of the 488 GTB to take on the Porsche 911 GT2 RS. What we don't know for sure yet, though, is what Ferrari is planning to call it. Rumors have suggested it will reprise the coveted GTO name harking back to the original 288 GTO, but leaked photos from a presentation referred to Ferrari's GT2 RS fighter as the "New V8 Sport Special Series."

It could also be called the 488 Speciale since it is essentially a successor to the 458 Speciale before it, albeit with more race-derived components. The last Speciale was a more extreme version of Ferrari's mid-engined 458 supercar, packing a high-revving 4.5-liter V8 delivering 597 hp and 398 lb-ft of torque. This was enough power to propel the hardcore supercar from 0-62 mph in three seconds and hit a top speed of 202 mph, while a slew of modifications sharpened up the handling. Along with the 458 Speciale coupe, Ferrari also built an open-top version called the SpecialeA (the A stands for 'Aperta'). It was 50 kg heavier than its coupe counterpart but was otherwise virtually identical.

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Only 499 examples were made, one of which is currently looking for a new owner. Listed for sale by Amari via AutoTrader, this 2015 model has a mere 57 miles on the clock which makes it virtually brand new. It's finished in Rosso Corsa red with a tricolore stripe, and the cabin is finished in Alcantara with red stitching. Back in 2015, the base price for the Ferrari 458 SpecialeA was £228,682 ($322,764), but Amari is selling this example for £719,994 ($1,019,280). That's right, the 458 SpecialeA is now in the million-dollar club, having tripled its value in just three years. Looks like that hardcore 488 will be a wise investment.