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The Ferrari Aliante Barchetta Is Designed To Melt Minds

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It even comes with a classic gated manual shifter.

Ferrari has a very tough job on its hands every time it designs a new model. Not only are its designers tasked with upholding a history of elegant style that oozes with sex appeal, but they also have to incorporate the most advanced aerodynamic accessories and shapes, adhere to the latest crash regulations and evolve the brand's styling language in such a way that Ferrari maintains its status as builder of bedroom poster material.

But when Maranello debuted the latest SF90 Stradale, not everyone was satisfied with the aesthetic direction it moved Ferrari towards. Thankfully, the world has quite a few rendering artists who use their talents to dream up new stylistic journeys for the supercar maker using machines that Ferrari could build if its designers had free rein.

This particular example, called the Ferrari Aliante Barchetta, comes from the creative minds of Daniel Soriano, Arun Kumar, and Magnus Grettve and represents what is arguably the prettiest interpretation of a road-going Ferrari race car we've seen. If Ferrari was going to build a road-legal F1 car to compete with the Aston Martin Valkyrie and AMG One, we certainly hope it'd look like this.

The Aliante Barchetta is essentially a redo of a concept the trio made for a thesis project in 2011. And now that the three have experience working for Lamborghini, Volvo, and Polestar, they decided to revisit the Aliante Barchetta to see how their talents have evolved.

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Needless to say, their talents seem to be coming along pretty well. Sticking to the meaning of "Aliante" and "Barchetta", which translate to "glider" and "little boat" in Italian (though Barchetta came to be used as the Italian name for a roadster), the design study features no roof, two seats, and a perfect mix of Ferrari styling and technology from the past and present.

That includes a mid-mounted naturally-aspirated V12 engine with independent throttle bodies, a sleek athletic shape complete with modern aerodynamic elements, large haunches in the bodywork highlighting each wheel, carbon ceramic brakes the size of a hatchback's wheels, absolutely zero driver aids, and, our personal favorite, a gated manual shifter. The interior is the perfect blend of modern and retro, with a digital touchscreen infotainment screen sitting underneath old-fashioned gauges, themselves mounted on a carbon fiber dashboard. The Aliante Barchetta, of course, is a dream machine that Ferrari will never build. But we can still pretend, right?